RWD Tesla Model S Won't Kill You in the Snow

Battery fires are a different story.

It’s that time of the year again when snow and ice will soon cover roadways and make driving pretty hazardous. Those who own rear-wheel-drive cars, usually sports cars, are forced to put them away for the winter. Tesla, however, wants us all to know that its RWD Model S can handle those slippery roads just as well as an AWD car. How exactly? It has a super advanced traction control system along with an electric motor that has very low inertia, meaning that it can be spun up or slowed down very quickly.

This almost instant response from the electric powertrain supposedly makes the Model S an ideal all-weather sedan. Interesting, but we’ve also heard rumors that AWD will soon be an option. So if RWD is already good enough then why even bother with AWD? Just something to ponder.

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