Ryan Tuerck And Friends Hoon The Crap Out Of A Soviet Nuclear Base


The news keeps telling us that the Cold War is heating up again. We hope this is what they're talking about.

Thank heavens for lunatics like Ryan Tuerck and Donut Media because if it wasn’t for their gonzo tactics of going to a shooting location to snag a well-made video in record time, then YouTube would be a pretty lifeless place. Previously the duo had gotten ahold of a Toyota 86, a car that’s deliriously fun but lacks the punch of a true performance car, and stuffed the V8 from a Ferrari 458 under the hood to silence the naysayers. It likely pissed Ferrari off but it sure made us happy.

This time around, Tuerck and friends (who happen to be professional drifters Kristaps Bluss and Matt Powers) have gone to Latvia in order to visit a Russian missile base from the Cold War era. As you can imagine, this is a little more than an exploit undertaken by curious visitors with a taste for unconventional tourist attractions.

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That’s because Tuerck and Donut Media were tapped by HGK Motorsports for the visit where they were given three cars, two BMWs, an E92 and E46, and a Nissan 350Z, all of which have been fitted with LS engine blocks from GM. For better or for worse, the lack of restrictions in the Eastern European nation allows the trio to pull off Formula Drift quality homage without some of the safety precautions that we can expect to be followed in Europe or the US, meaning we shouldn’t be surprised by the lack of safety gear. Luckily they’re alive and well to pull off these sorts of stunts again.