S-Class Hybrid Marks New Era

Believe it or not, the Lexus LS comes in hybrid form too. Not everyone who's shopping for a large luxury hybrid is aware of that, and for good reason too - it's not a very good hybrid. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid, the S 400, in contrast, is an excellent piece of technology. The Lexus LS uses the older battery technology found in the Toyota Prius. In addition, the LS is not very economical, as it only gets 2 mpg better in the city than the standard LS model.

The S400 utilizes updated battery technology and also gets much better fuel economy. While the Lexus was previously one of the only large luxury hybrids on the market, Mercedes is not letting this segment go quietly. The new S-Class Hybrid proves just how committed, both technically and performance-wise, the automaker is for hybrid and other alternative fuel technology.

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