S2000 Kills it at the Nurburgring

No helmet, no top, no worries.

The S2000. Even Honda haters will usually agree that the high-reving drop top is one hell of a sports car. And what better place to put a car like that through its paces, than the infamous Nurburgring in Germany. These guys take a track prepped S2000 and really tear it up. During the almost 10 minute video, we see them pass over 40 cars of all shapes and sizes, including exotics and sport bikes.This is no stock S2000 though. It has an extensive mod list which you can see here. And the driver puts all those upgrades to good use.

We've all seen plenty of videos of lapping the Green Hell, but it's a treat to experience it top down, with the full glory of that exhaust note. While many people will notice his high speed, one-handed driving, there is no doubt the guy knows what he's doing. Go full screen, turn up those speakers and enjoy an amazing ride.

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