S2000, RSX Owners are About to Have a Really Bad Day

Two of the all-time greatest Hondas have been recalled due to a faulty brake booster. We still love them anyway.

The Acura RSX and Honda S2000 are unquestionably two fantastic sports cars built by the Japanese automaker. While the RSX has a reputation of being one of the best front-wheel-drive sports cars ever made, the S2000 showed how a roadster could be fun to drive, powerful and reliable. Sadly, neither one is with us any longer, but their legacies remain intact. But now, Honda has issued a recall for specific model years for each one due to an issue with the cars’ brakes.

RSX models built from January 18, 2006 through August 12 that same year as well as S2000s built from January 19 to November 13 2006, have specifically been recalled. The problem apparently is due to a faulty brake booster that may not be able to maintain a vacuum when the pedal is depressed, thus decreasing brake assist. Honda claims that some 18,352 owners are affected in the US and they’re currently being notified.

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