Saab Concept Teaser Before Geneva

There's been quite a lot of news lately coming from automaker planning to come to Geneva, and most are in the form of teasers. Saab has joined the ranks and has released some teaser pictures of its mysterious new concept that will debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The teasers show that the concept appears to be a hatchback with a classic teardrop shape which recalls the original 92 from 1949.

Saab's CEO has prioritized 9-2 development, whose production is highly-anticipated, and stated that the car will ride on a shortened version of the 9-3 platform, or even a platform borrowed from another automaker. If all goes according to plan, the model will be introduced in 2013 or 2014, and sales will total 30,000 to 60,000 units annually. In addition to the concept, Saab will also unveil the 9-3 facelift that's been said to have a revised grill and a new front fascia that's similar to the one on the 9-5.

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