Saab Could Make A Big Comeback With The AiroX Supercar Concept


Too bad this thing will never be built.

The AiroX is a concept Saab supercar from Sweden's Gray Design. If that name sounds familiar it's because the Swedish design studio has been featured on CarBuzz before, albeit many years ago. Its new concept was inspired by "elements of Saab's automotive design language together with the design elements of it's [sic] fighter jets." The AiroX was designed as an EV, although there's no information given on its power plant or battery size. Gray Design did say its 0-60 mph time would be "superfast," so take from that what you will.

One of the most unique features about this concept are the little wings that deploy from the roof. Gray Design imagines these working either in unison or independently to increase downforce and improve handling. We're not so sure how that would work out in real life but are certainly intrigued by this novel form of active aero. The other design feature that stands out in a big way are the massive air intakes fitted to the conceptual supercar. Two large air intakes are present on the front end, which Gray Design says is meant to resemble actual Saabs. Take a second look at the grille and you'll see it. The air intakes on the door are really where it's at, though. They are freaking huge!

Apparently this is a case of form following function as the side air intakes both optimize airflow and help keep the batteries cool. While the Saab AiroX concept is ostensibly a supercar it also appears to double as some creepy four-wheeled robot. At least that's what this video seems to suggest.

Weird videos aside, the AiroX is the coolest looking car Saab will never build. Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think of those crazy pop-up spoilers on the roof.

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