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Saab Has Built a Single New 9-3

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Just the first step, but it is a Saab badge on a new car.

It would be a bit premature to declare that the Saab brand is back in any significant way, but the Trollhattan factory has now produced one new preproduction 9-3, based largely on pre-exiting designs. There is still quite a lot of work to be done, but Saab's new owner, NEVS (National Electric Vehicle Sweden), is determined to bring the brand back as an electric car manufacturer; aided in part by electric prototypes built by the company even before the NEVS takeover.

The single car produced so far was just made to prove the Trollhatten plant was up to the task, and new suppliers still need to be lined up. NEVS is saying that a facelifted electric 9-3 should be rolling off the line sometime early next year, and possibly even before the end of this year. Even then, Trollhatten won't actually be the plant handling the bulk of production. That will be taken care of in China, although there will still be manufacturing work handled in Sweden. Either way, it should be interesting to see if something with mass market appeal will be produced or just an EV for Saab snobs.

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