Saab International Provides Haven For Obsessed Geeks

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You'd have to really love Saabs, but then, Saab fans don't half-ass this kind of thing.

There are certain products or brands which will sometimes attract a certain type of reputation. They will have become popular with the intelligent or creative crowds, and sometimes this will cause them to become even more popular with the kinds of people who have a desperate need to be seen as smart or creative, but don't necessarily possess the required skill. This is more or less what happened with Apple when the hipsters realized graphic designers tended to use them.

Saab, in its day, had a very similar reputation, and the obsessively engineered cars made sense as the cars of smart people. But with the demise of the company, the wannabes have moved on to other things (probably hybrids) and all that's left are the obsessed. Keeping this in mind, we give you Saab International 2013, a vaguely cult-like gathering of adherents to Saab. In fairness, there are really quite a few genuinely impressive vehicles, and whatever you think of Saab fans, the company did make good cars. But we can't be the only ones who think that a car show does not need an after dinner dance.

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