Saab's New Owner is Facing Bankruptcy Over a $22k Debt

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Hang on, is someone still actually trying to save Saab?

No, we shouldn't assume that Saab has been saved and that production is about to commence. That's hardly the case. However, another company did buy what was left of the automaker. National Electric Vehicles of Sweden, aka Nevs, is owned by a Hong Kong-based group. They're the ones who bought Saab out of bankruptcy in 2012 from Spyker. And it was Spyker who had big plans for Saab that didn't pan out. And now Saab's new Chinese owner wants to make electric cars.

There was a plan to get things rolling again, but, of course, there've been problems. Production of the gas-powered 9-3 was stopped last year due to money problems. Yes, the old 9-3. Nevs had to build it in order to kick start overall production. Sadly though, there's a new problem. Labo Test, which supplies test equipment for car parts, is claiming that Nevs owes it $22,000 in unpaid bills. Because of this, it has petitioned a Swedish court to declare Nevs bankrupt. Yep. Over just $22,000. Nevs has so far failed to comment.

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