Saleen Teases 800-HP Mega-Upgrade For 2024 Mustang

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For those who don't want such extreme changes, the tuner can give outputs of 500 or 750 hp.

Prolific Ford Mustang tuner Saleen has provided a sneak peek at its packages for the upcoming S650 model, revealing that it will offer three models: White Label with at least 500 horsepower, Yellow Label with at least 750 hp, and Black Label that "will exceed 800 hp."

The tuner has also provided a digital render showing some of the aesthetic changes it intends to make, and each car will get "the latest Racecraft suspension, improved aerodynamics and braking," and a custom interior.

The rendered example here is modeled after the Boss 302, with subtle graphics on the fenders accompanied by a badge that replaces the 5.0 script on the stock vehicle.


At the front, the Saleen Mustang will apparently feature a blacked-out upper grille and a whole new design for the front bumper that incorporates a splitter and redesigned intakes. Bigger wheels and a lower ride height also feature, while the rear of the car appears to show off a redesigned rear diffuser and a new bumper that adds subtle creases and vents behind the rear wheel arches.

We suspect the exhaust will be new too, and the render features a beefy spoiler atop the trunk.

Curiously, this early render also makes the B-pillar more prominent by coloring it to match the body. Given the S650 has a pillarless window design, this will entail an all-new quarter window and a new B-pillar design, meaning this is more than just a bumper kit and a tune. This certainly gives the S650 Mustang a more retro appearance, which suits Saleen's style to a tee.


We've already seen RTR tune the 2024 Mustang for drifting, but we're a little surprised that Saleen is so confident it can extract more power from the seventh-gen pony car. Shortly after the S650's reveal, Ford Mustang chief engineer Ed Krenz said that it would be much more difficult for third parties to tune the new sports car thanks to its Fully-Networked Vehicle architecture.

That said, very little has changed over the S550 variant, so perhaps Saleen is betting that Ford's security protocols won't be as tough to beat as the Blue Oval thinks. Either way, we're excited to see what the aftermarket does with the 'Stang as it reaches customers this summer.

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