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Saleen S7 Is Back With Chiron-Beating 298 MPH Top Speed

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But is it too good to be true?

The visionaries of the auto world, those who risk it all and build a car they've been dreaming about for decades, are a bold few who unfortunately end up failing to create a successful brand more often than not. But many times their creations end up speaking to other car fans, some of which are rich enough to buy those failed marquees and make something of them. And now that China has put itself on the map as not only an economic powerhouse but one that wants to participate in the global car scene, there are seen more instances of this story playing out now than before.

One such example of this is the case of the American automaker Saleen and Chinese company Jiangsu Secco Automobile Technology Corp. The Chinese company bought Saleen back in 2017, and according to a tweet from auto journalist Greg Kable who covered a large Saleen reveal event in China, it is now planning to put the automaker back on the map by rolling out a four-car lineup.

These cars include an SUV, a city-oriented microcar, a road-going version of the S1 supercar we saw unveiled at the 2017 Los Angeles Auto Show, and the storied Saleen S7 that first hit the scene 19 years ago. Of the four, the S7 is the one we're most interested in. According to Kable, the new S7 will feature the same exterior design as the previous model but receive quite a few modifications under the hood.

Thanks to a 7.0-liter twin-turbo V8 Ford Windsor engine, the S7 will be capable of making up to 1,500 horsepower and 1,800 Nm (1,327 lb-ft) of torque. Those outrageous figures are supposed to send the S7's aerodynamic body from 0-62 mph in only 2.2 seconds and on to a theoretical top speed of 298 mph, but that latter claim is dubious given that Saleen will have trouble finding tires that can stay intact at these speeds.

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The only catch, as one might expect, is that the new S7 will be made in extremely limited numbers and cost a fortune to attain. Saleen claims that while some of the S7s were built this year, all cars come from the company's factory in Corona, California and are not built in China.

It's still unclear when the S7 will be available for sale, how much it will cost, and how an interested buyer can get one, but what we do know is that the new supercar is a decent improvement over the 1,300 horsepower S7 LM that debuted in 2017 after the Jiangsu Secco Automobile Technology Corporation first bought Saleen.