Sales Figures For The 2022 Mazda MX-30 Spell Trouble For The Japanese EV

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Just eight units were delivered in the third quarter.

Mazda's current lineup is comprised of good-looking vehicles that provide strong reliability and excellent value for money. They're all superb, and once you've driven one, they just make sense - unless you're talking about the MX-30, that is. The quirky electric car has one flaw that cannot be overlooked, and that's the miserly range.

On a full charge, the electric Mazda is capable of traveling just 100 miles, which is beaten hands down by the competition. To make matters worse, it's not exactly cheap either. With this in mind, it comes as no surprise that the MX-30 isn't exactly a big seller.

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Mazda's September sales figures spell trouble for the MX-30. Not a single example was sold in September or August, with a mere eight units delivered in July. Bizarrely, that means the Japanese automaker delivered fewer than 10 units to customers for the entire third quarter. To put that poor performance into perspective, 7,289 examples of the pricier CX-9 were sold during the same period.

Of course, the MX-30 is somewhat of a niche product and is only sold in California. The starting price of $33,470 doesn't help either, especially when you consider that buyers can purchase a Chevrolet Bolt for less, and enjoy a range of up to 259 miles.

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To make matters worse, the MX-30 is built in Japan. This means it's unlikely to qualify for the new $7,500 tax credit, which will only make rivals more attractive propositions.

The lack of sales for the months of August and September could do with the fact that the 2022 MX-30 is sold out. But don't be impressed by that statement; while Mazda deems the sales performance "successful" it only managed to sell "505 of the planned 560 units," according to a company representative. 324 of those units were sold in 2022.

Even though many have slated the MX-30 as a compliance car, Mazda is adamant that its first electric offering is no such thing.

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Despite these protestations, the writing is on the wall - even in EV-loving California, the little Mazda didn't stand a chance. And that's a shame because the MX-30 is a delight to drive. It boasts a premium-feeling cabin, rides well, and looks rather funky to boot.

Whether it will soldier on for the 2023 model year remains a mystery, but we wouldn't be surprised if Mazda gives it the chop.

There's a chance it will remain but, hopefully, Mazda will introduce an electric vehicle with broader appeal and at least twice the range afforded by the MX-30. Rival companies are steaming ahead, and the Hiroshima-based brand is yet to introduce another EV in the United States.

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