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Saleswoman Moves 11 Veyrons a Year

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That’s over $20 million worth of cars!

Selling more than £13 million worth of Bugatti Veyrons in a single year, luxury car saleswoman Anita Krizsan is being hailed as the world's best. From the exclusive Jack Barclay dealership in London's Mayfair district, she has sold 11 of the hypercars this year - considerably more than the three the average Veyron salesperson manages in twelve months. Bugatti has rightly called her a "global benchmark" in sales, recognizing her outstanding sales skills. Her latest deal was a Bugatti Super Sport that was snapped up for £1.7 million.

She's also shifted four Grand Sports, three Vitesse models, a Centenaire and a Veyron L'Or Blanc. So what's her secret? It's not strange for the Hungarian-born sales maestro to work 24 hours a day dealing with the super-elite from across the globe, flying to their home countries to personally hand over the keys to the seven-figure purchases and taking phone calls at 2 am from buyers worried about their warranties. She also spends time networking and schmoozing with the super-rich at car events like the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Speaking with the Daily Mail, she said "We tend to have two types of customer - collectors and investors."

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Working as a woman in a traditionally male environment may be to her advantage, but "once they realize I know about the car it breaks down barriers." There's no typical Bugatti buyer as such. Most of her clients come from the Middle East and Russia, and range from a 19 year-old to a customer in their 70s. Krizan hopes to sell even more cars in 2013 and break her own record. We wish her luck - and maybe a bonus car of her own.