Salt Water-Ruined Ferrari Enzo Reborn Thanks to Edo Comp and ZR Exotics

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Edo Competition has saved the life of one very lucky Ferrari Enzo.

Back in September of last year, we ran a story of a Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution by Edo Competition which found its way into the ocean while competing in the 2011 Targa Newfoundland. The 860hp track-spec supercar nearly lost its life, however Zahir Rana, owner of ZR Exotics, shipped it immediately via air-freight to Germany where Edo Competition was able to repair it at their Ahlen workshop. We brought you an update on the Ferrari Enzo XX Evolution in February and now we bring you the finished project as Edo has completed their work after 6 months.

The Enzo now packs 950hp and is claimed to be the fastest Enzo model in the world. All the water damage has been repaired with, presumably, brand-new everything. ZR Exotics, who posted the photos on their official Facebook page, were sure to note that the wheels were just 'cheap MC12 rims for rolling the chassis around.' Thank goodness for that. It has been finished in Pearlescent Ferrari Yellow. Upon seeing the finished work, Rana said "My last memories was in the fall with the crash and the sadness after. I was so happy to see my car as I am totally in love with it."

Targa Newfoundland Rally Race is a 1,300 mile race which features some of Canada's most harrowing terrain through some wet and risky weather conditions. The $1.5 million dollar (at the time) custom Italian supercar-turned-racer was piloted by Rana when it crashed. Both he and his co-pilot were unharmed during the wreck.

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