Salvaged Hummer H1 Turned Into Extreme Off-Road Adventurer

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Van life takes on a whole new meaning.

The upcoming GMC Hummer EV will be an incredible off-road vehicle. Instant torque at the wheels is ideally suited to tough terrain. But not everyone is ready to jump on the EV bandwagon, at least when it comes to trucks and SUVs. And while they could easily find an old AM General Hummer H1 for sale that would suit all of their needs, there's another one currently up for auction that will doubtless exceed all expectations.

This 2000 Hummer H1 is not only extremely capable off-road but it also completely redefines "van life." Why live in a van and be mostly limited to parking lots and flat camping sites when you can have this gloriously modified H1 camper? It was converted into its current state a few years ago by Callen Campers and they went all-out.

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Inside, there's a queen-sized bed, a kitchenette with a two-burner gas cooktop, a 35-gallon freshwater tank, a 20-gallon auxiliary power tank, and plenty of storage bins. A Garmin GPS and CB radio antennas will provide peace of mind about getting lost, though paper maps are always highly recommended. The camper shell has a built-in awning for when you just want to sit outside and chill.

Under the hood lies a 6.5-liter Detroit Diesel V8 generating 195 horsepower and 430 lb-ft of torque. A two-speed transfer case and four-speed GM automatic transmission and Torsen differentials route power to the wheels. There's an aftermarket exhaust system and like any good Hummer, it's equipped with some military-spec items that served these things well in combat like portal axles and a central tire inflation system.

Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids

It should be noted this truck has been used quite extensively in the past. Back in 2003, it rolled on its side and the damage was bad enough for it to receive a salvage title. The camper modifications were done following this. The seller does note there are a few imperfections, which is to be expected. The front windshield heater doesn't work, there's some wear and tear on the dash and seats, some minor paint chips and scratches from off-roading, and a missing lens on the camper shell lights. The ABS gauge light is also illuminated.

Despite these relatively minor flaws, the highest bid is $24,750 and the auction ends on December 8. Aftermarket camper modifications can get very expensive but this old H1 could be an amazing bargain.

Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids Cars And Bids
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