Sam Pack Collection to be Auctioned, 130 Lots of Incredible Old and Rare Cars

No word on why, but there are some pretty photos.

There is an interesting thing going on in the world of classic cars right now. In the very recent past, several huge collections have been liquidated, a much higher number than usual. It's hard to put your finger on why, but some experts have theorized that, as baby boomers start reaching the age where they begin dying off, the market for things like classic muscle cars is going to shrink, as younger people won't have any nostalgia for them.

That would make right about now a good time to sell off a big collection of mostly American cars, which is indeed what the still incredibly wealthy Texan Sam Pack is doing. He certainly doesn't seem to need the money, but he was simply collecting as a means of investing, and now appears to be the time to sell high. Whatever the reason, we've added some photos here of some of the more valuable cars, and you can always head over to the RM Auctions site to see the complete list of 130 cars. And although you'll basically be seeing all of the same angles on all of the cars, they are beautiful photographs.

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