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Santa Brings Chevy Sparks To The UK

Professional gift wrapping during the Christmas season is a pretty normal thing to see at department stores, but most car dealership don't offer such a service. A shame really, since most cars given as gifts are very poorly wrapped, if at all. Chevrolet decided to correct this problem for customers buying the Spark supermini as a gift. Special edition wrapping paper is applied by a team of experts who will take care to leave the bowtie on the front grille uncovered.

We'd have to say that this is the most professional car wrapping job we've ever seen, although from the shape it's still pretty easy to tell what is, and that ruins the surprise some. It would also be a very difficult package to pick up shake, but Chevrolet don't seem to think this is a problem. This year the service is only for the Spark and only in the UK, but we think it's nice touch and wouldn't mind seeing it expanded.

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