Santa Gets Naughty? Hoons His Ferrari-Powered Toyota GT86 To Smitherines

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You can always trust the jolly bearded man in a red suit to spread Christmas cheer for gearheads around the world.

When the shrill snarl of a naturally aspirated flat-plane crank Ferrari pierces the air on Christmas Eve, most of us would expect some rich dude full of Christmas spirit to be hooning through the corners on the backroads near your local country club. Those who catch an eye may witness something else entirely. That's because apparently, Santa's gearheaded cousin likes to deliver presents in Ryan Tuerck's Ferrari 458 Italia-powered Toyota GT86.

Too bad for Santa because we're sure that Toyota can outrun Rudolph and his basic-nosed reindeer buddies. We may have forgotten to mention it at Thanksgiving, but we're thankful for Donut Media and its outfit of crazy but talented minds.

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Not only did they break out of the insane asylum to give the world the first Ferrari-powered Toyota GT86, but they had the gall to strew Christmas lights around the car. What ensues is a naughty list-worthy hooning session with Tuerck at the wheel and Santa ring shotgun. Holding pyrotechnics out the window of a 570 horsepower rear-wheel drive dream machine is never good advice, especially when the exhaust pipes are routed to spit flames in front of the forward tires, but we'll look the other way because the resulting display is just too damn cool. Keep "sleighing" those tires, Santa, and bring us another gift wrapped set while you're at it.

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