Santa Upgrades To Chevy-Powered 600-Horsepower Muscle Sleigh

Beats shoveling all that reindeer droppings out of the stables the rest of the year.

We here at CarBuzz love Scandinavians, and we tend to think that you should too. Not only does the region produce many fine racing drivers, but they're also a bit insane, especially when it comes to making creative and highly entertaining project vehicles. This one is built out of an old Volvo (not that you'd be able to tell), powered by a Chevy big block V8, and sends power through a Chevy automatic transmission to Arctic Cat Lynx tracks.

Dubbed the “SnowMonster,” it is a 600-hp flame-spitting beast of a thing, and was built by Lindberg Brothers. It is completely nuts, and we absolutely love it.

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