Santa Wrecks a Classic Porsche 911

Nothing like ruining a perfectly good classic 911, right Santa?

Ok, so he may not be the real Santa (only a young, beardless potential male model), but even with the holiday spirit, it's still possible to do something horrible like this. And to be honest, we're not so sure how he pulled this one off, but as this picture and video shows, Mr. Beardless Santa has somehow managed to crash this classic Porsche 911 into a crosswalk light in New York City. This isn't just some simple scratch, but a full head-on collision. The streets are clearly free from snow and ice, so we're wondering what his excuse is.

To have something like this properly repaired certainly won't be cheap, but we figure this fake Santa can afford it. He should stick with riding a horse drawn carriage around the Big Apple.

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