Santa's New Sleigh Has 702 Horsepower And Plenty Of Room For Toys

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Ho-ho-ho-rsepower, anyone?

For as long as Christmas has been around, one thing hasn't changed: Santa Claus covers some serious ground. Just think of how long it would take you to visit every single solitary home on planet earth to leave presents, chow down on some cookies, and peace out without waking up anyone up.

This year, Santa may have a bit of extra firepower to help get it done; a designer on Instagram has reimagined Santa's sleigh as a winter-ready Ram 1500 TRX with skis in place of the front wheels. Fun fact: 702 horsepower is a heck of a lot more than 9 reindeerpower.


The sleigh, depicted shooting across a snow-covered plain with a mountain of wrapped presents in the bed like a gift-laden bat out of hell, is dressed for the part with festive red front bumper marker lights, red daytime running lights, and green headlamps, keeping with the traditional Christmas colors. There are even red and green lights embedded within the aggressive hood scoop, taking the place of the factory orange-hued bulbs.

We see one major downside with this concept: without front wheels, the TRX has no four-wheel drive, and the selectable Snow driving mode is rendered pretty useless. After so many years piloting a flying sleigh, Santa is going to have to brush up on his reduced-traction driving skills lest he lose control of his new high-powered steed and smoke an onlooker.

Then again, if old Saint Nick were to ever be charged with vehicular manslaughter, 2020 would definitely be the year for it.

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The 702-hp 2021 Ram 1500 TRX is the answer to the age-old question: "What would happen if Chrysler put its supercharged 6.2L 'Hellcat' Hemi in the Ram?" Production will be capped at just 702 units, each one priced from $69,995 before tax, title, and fees, although chances are good we'll see a tremendous amount of dealer markups, just like when the 808-hp Dodge Challenger SRT Demon launched for 2018.

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