Santa's Sleigh Has A Lexus Badge This Year

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It's the first Lexus to run on holiday spirit.

In the days leading up to Christmas, automakers like to have fun by reimagining Santa's sleigh as one of their vehicles. A few years ago, Dodge built a sleigh out of a Hellcat, and this year, a rendering artist turned the Ram TRX into the ultimate toy carrier. Bentley even had a bit of fun by creating a Christmas-themed Flying Spur with a reindeer hood ornament in place of the Flying B. Now Lexus has revealed its holiday-themed HX Sleigh Concept featuring all of the luxury amenities that Santa could ever need

Highlights include a 25-inch touchscreen with built-in air traffic control, a climate concierge with neck warmers, and a Mark Levinson Surround so Santa can jam out to Christmas songs. Like the Lexus LC 500, the HX comes finished in four-coat Infrared paint over its aerodynamic body.


"I'm a simple man, but the ol' sleigh has been looking a bit less refined than it used to," said Santa in the Lexus release. "It was time for me to upgrade my capabilities to help deliver toys to all the children on my nice list more efficiently, so the Lexus HX Sleigh Concept couldn't have come at a better time. Mrs. Claus is excited to drive it, too!"

Speaking of delivering toys, the HX is rated as having unlimited storage space. It even has an automatic trunk with a kick sensor, meaning Santa can load up the presents with ease. The sleigh was designed by Santa's Takumi elves (a nod to Lexus's Takumi masters craftspeople) who made sure the HX was specifically catered for its important role.


"It'll be great having some more help around the holidays," says Director of Reindeer Resources, Rudolph. "I run a tight sleigh, and the combination of Lexus's trademark hybrid electric technology and well-honed all-reindeer-drive will really allow us to take our job to the next level. Plus, the fact that it runs on 100% renewable holiday spirit means even our planet gets a gift this year! With the added efficiency the Lexus HX Sleigh Concept gives us, I'm confident we'll even find some time to fit in some gift deliveries for grown-ups, too!"


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