Sarkozy Sold Gaddafi a $4 Million Mercedes-Benz Getaway Car?

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The French and Libyan governments shared a close relationship for years. Did French Pres. Sarkozy actually sell Col. Gaddafi an armored Mercedes-Benz?

A report from RussiaToday apparently implicates French President Nikolas Sarkozy in helping deposed Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi escape from his palace in the North African country. Lucrative oil contracts were apparently the motivation behind the French leader's close relationship with the Libyan government. It's a strange report as France was one of the catalysts for NATO and the EU's interference during the uprising in Libya.

The car provided was a heavily armored Mercedes-Benz, probably a ML63 or G55, worth an estimated $4 million. It was equipped with anti-tracking devices and other tools needed for a discreet getaway. In any case, take a look at the video of this sort of armored-vehicle chicanery is your cup of tea.

According to the report, the Mercedes in question carried a communications system which allowed the Colonel to keep in touch with the Libyan army.


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