Saturday Night-Out with Dad’s Truck Just got... BORING!

The new GMC Canyon's parental control-freak systems promise to take all the fun out of ever getting your license.

With the introduction of the GMC Canyon, corporate twin ofthe new Chevy Colorado, GM flaunted its choice of high output engines: a 2.5-literfour producing 193 horsepower; or an optional 3.6-liter V6 with a whopping 270lb-ftof torque and 302hp. Like the larger Chevy Sierra, these trucks are designed toprovide the necessary power to get any heavy-duty job done- both on road andoff it.

But GMC has also chosen to appeal to the over-protectiveworking man, offering Teen Driver parental controls that allow mom and dad toremotely control their toddlers’- that is, teenage- children’s driving. These featuresinclude a speed limiter (ranging from 40 to 70 MPH) and a radio volume limiter.The latter can even automatically mute speakers when seatbelts are unfastened.Thanks mom. Rather than speaking to their children about responsible driving, parents can control these features remotely through a special app. Settings can be locked with a PIN code, preventing kids from changing them on-the-go. With so much fun to be had on the road, this generation’s teens might just prefer to stay home with mom and dad.

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