Saturn Meets Civil War Cannon

Video game buff channels Assassin’s Creed with an old Saturn and an even older cannon.

Richard Ryan loves destroying things and justifying his addiction by loosely tying them to video games. So what does the new game Assassin's Creed III have to do with shooting cannonballs through an old Saturn? Well, the game is set during the Revolutionary War, there were cannons in that war, so he found a more powerful version from the Civil War and, well, he has an old Saturn. With super slow-motion cameras at the ready, the festive Halloween episode of the Breakdown features the Napolean 12-pound cannon from the Civil War.

The 12-pounder is much more powerful than the 3- and 6-pound cannons used during the Revolutionary War, so it wastes little time in destroying some Pumpkin Redcoats. The Saturn isn't so lucky, either. Check out the carnage in the clip below.

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