Sauber Slices a F1 Car Down the Middle

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Sauber F1 Team mechanics spent two years slicing a Formula One racing car lengthwise down the middle.

This amazing feat of craftsmanship took two years to accomplish and the result is the chance to see how all the components that go into powering a F1 car are carefully packed into its streamlined body.

Starting at the rear of the cutaway F1 race car, you can see the gearbox, clutch, engine, and oil tank. Moving along we find the fuel system and electronic boxes, and up front there's the pedals and steering system. Seeing the complex steering wheel cut in two is pretty special, but one of the most interesting sights is racing driver Sergio Perez's seating position. Just imagine. while driving at speeds of up to 240mph, his body remains stretched out as if sitting in a bath and his backside is just 10mm from the tarmac. No wonder these guys get paid so much money.

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