Saudi Arabia Doesn't Like Women Drivers But 8-Year-Old Drivers Are OK


Hypocrisy at its finest.

Not long ago Saudi Arabia announced it would finally allow women to start driving cars legally. Not bad for 2017. Sarcasm aside, the BBC recently learned of an 8-year-old boy caught driving on a highway near the city of Jeddah, not far from the Red Sea. Fortunately for our entertainment, there's video footage of the kid driving, doing his best to prop himself up over the steering wheel to see everything in front of him. A passerby filmed the whole thing and soon posted it to social media where it quickly went viral.

Many Saudis were pretty upset by the footage, especially since the Gulf kingdom has one of the world's highest traffic-related death rates. In 2016 alone, 533,000 road accidents were recorded with 9,031 fatalities.

Do the math and that's an average of 25 deaths per day. Public outrage over the footage forced police to get involved and they soon tracked down the culprit. No, it wasn't the kid, but an adult man who was sitting in the front passenger seat, instructing his young "student." Police arrested the man and impounded his car. Women will officially be allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia beginning next June, and the hope is that they will help usher a new era of safer driving. Just keep the 8-year-olds on their bicycles from now on.

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