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Saudi Novitec N-Largo Ferrari F12 Shines in Yellow and Black

ByDesign Motorsports gives this Berlinetta a host of striking performance goodies!

The Ferrari F-12 Berlinetta doesn’t need a lot of help tolook absolutely stunning. But given the royal sheikh treatment by Saudi Arabiantuner, ByDesign, this Italian beauty gets all the flair it needs to stand out inthe supercar nation. With a Novitec-Rosso N-Largo body kit and beautiful yellowpaint with black accents, the car also gains yellow and black Novitec wheelsand wider front and rear fenders, in addition to a five-piece diffuser.

The back also gets a large airfoil for additional downforceat high speeds. Also added are Novitec lowering springs and wider side skirts,and an engine upgrade that remaps the 6.3-liter, 12-cylinder engine managementsystem. Finally, the F12 gains a new, high-performance quad-exhaust system,making it a complete, jaw-dropping and mouthwatering package.

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