Save The Date: New Generation 2024 Mercedes E-Class Coming This Month

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The next evolution of the Mercedes staple will debut online.

Mercedes has announced that there will be a digital reveal of the next generation E-Class will be on Tuesday, April 25, at 5 PM Eastern Time. This will be the sixth generation of the midsize executive sedan with the E-Class name, but its timeline dates all the way back to the W120 that went on sale in 1953. If you include the full timeline, this would be the tenth generation of the E-Class.

Mercedes has given us a teaser photo of the new car's silhouette, but we've already seen spy shots, the base model has been leaked, and Mercedes has been public about the new infotainment system. The new version promises to be as comfortable and luxurious as you would expect from the E-Class but hits a whole new level of infotainment technology.


The spy photos of prototypes show that the exterior styling will be an evolution of the previous generation, with body styles that include a wagon and wagon-based soft-roader on top of the traditional sedan. What we shouldn't expect is a coupe and convertible version as we expect them to be consolidated into a new line called CLE-Class. The new E-Class will appear on the rear-wheel-drive architecture used for the C-Class and S-Class, and expect there to be electrified and AMG versions following its release. In fact, it looks like the evolution in exterior design will make the E-Class look similar to the S-Class but more rounded in shape at the front.


The biggest headline for the E-Class's debut will be the new Superscreen, an evolution of the Hyperscreen, which includes an upright digital instrument cluster and two additional screens. Adding the Entertainment Package will unlock several brand new features, including the ability to attend Zoom and Webex meetings with a video camera, the addition of a selfie camera, and the ability to install third-party apps to the system. The passenger screen uses intelligent image filtering to keep the driver from being distracted on a video call or meeting, and both screens benefit from a more straightforward, color-coded layout. The Superscreen also includes two display styles and three modes, with the dials' layout and ambient lighting color changing to fit the mood.


The base model doesn't appear to feature the new Superscreen but does have a nice slab of open-pore wood dominating the dash rather than multiple screens. There will be a selection of four-cylinder engines available, with the E300 expected to utilize Mercedes' turbocharged 2.0-liter engine producing 255 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. We also expect a hybrid version while the EQE continues to satisfy Mercedes customers that want an all-electric car.


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