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Say A Final Goodbye To Another Audi

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The A3 droptop is set to be dropped.

Those who love to drop the roof of their car on a summer's evening will have one less option after the 2019 model year ends. Car and Driver cites an unnamed company representative to report that Audi will be dropping the A3 convertible from the US market at the tail end of the convertible season.

Until the 2020 model year starts, the A3, A5, and S5 have been the 4-seater convertibles that Audi offers. But sales of the A3have been dropping steadily over the past few years, with only 18,000 leaving dealers here in 2018 after around 36,000 being bought in 2015. Audi doesn't separate its convertible sales within the A3 sales figures, but we know it isn't the primary variant people shop for.

The decline of the A3 steepened in 2019 with just 5,650 being sold through until July compared to 11,742 in the same period last year. It's also a small car, and the Cabriolet's price starts at $39,895. With some options added on top of the highest trim level, it's easy to part with over $50,000 for an A3 Cabriolet.

Another Audi soft-top option is the TT Roadster, which dispenses with the back seats and costs around $10,000 more. Then it's all the way up to the R8 Spyder, but it's safe to say that nobody is cross-shopping that with an A3.

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Given the decline in A3 sales and the relative obscurity of the convertible version, it seems unlikely that A3 cabrio will be missed by many. It is a shame though because the A3 is a fun and expressive little car to toss around, and potentially even more so with the top down roof.

On the bright side, though, we've been seeing spy shots floating around of the next-generation A3 and, hopefully, that will rejuvenate sales in the face of the crossover onslaught.