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Say Goodbye To The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

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Will anyone miss it?

BMW recently confirmed the polarizing 3 Series GT will continue to be sold alongside the all-new 3 Series sedan when it goes on sale next year, but the automaker has officially confirmed it won't be renewed for the next generation once the current model reaches the end of its lifecycle in the next few years.

"Things are changing," BMW's global development chief Klaus Frohlich explained to Australia's Motoring at the 2018 Paris Auto Show when asked why BMW has decided to axe the 3 Series GT. "When we did the GT we saw that in demographic change people want to sit a little more upright."

He added that customers are instead opting for the X1 and X3 over the 3 Series GT and that the segment is "under pressure from SUVs." Originally, BMW designed the GT for buyers who wanted more space, versatility and a higher seat height than a standard 3 Series as an alternative to an SUV, but the strategy has clearly backfired as the model hasn't been as popular as BMW hoped thanks to the rise of SUVs.

"Segments are growing and shrinking and you have to always be careful," he said. "Some cars we will always try and this doesn't mean they have to be proceeded with."

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However, since there are so many models already available in the 3 and 4 Series range, Frohlich doesn't believe the death of the GT will affect sales. While he didn't confirm when the 3 Series GT will be given the axe, production is expected to end in July 2020. We doubt anyone will miss it, somehow.