Say Goodbye to the Honda HSV-010

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Honda aborted its front-engined NSX project years ago and turned it into a racecar, but even that's being put to pasture as the new hybrid NSX rolls in.

Never heard of the Honda HSV-010 GT? That's because, unlike the other cars competing in Japan's Super GT series, the HSV-010 isn't actually based on a production car. It traces its roots to an aborted front-engined NSX project, but a loophole in the regulations allowed it to race anyway. But it won't for much longer. According to reports, Honda Racing will race the HSV-010 GT in the GT500 class of the Super GT series this year, much as it has since 2010. But 2013 will be its last season before Honda phases it out in favor of the new NSX.

With the roadgoing NSX not expected to arrive until late next year, at the earliest, that means the Super GT500 version will be the first on the scene. It also means that the HSV-010 will have had a rather short lifespan, deployed only on the racetrack (despite its original production intentions) for three years. In contrast, the original NSX competed in the Super GT series (and its predecessor Japanese Grand Touring Car Championship) for a solid twelve seasons. The original won the title three times, and the HSV-010 another one. Will the new NSX be as successful? Only time will tell.

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