Say Goodbye to the Honda Insight

Farewell, Insight. We doubt few will truly miss you.

It’s had a decent, although not a spectacular run. And we doubt few will be disappointed by its permanent retirement. Honda has just confirmed a rumor we heard some time back: the Insight hybrid has officially been discontinued. 2014 will be the final model year. The Japanese automaker was often fond of claiming the fact that the Insight was the cheapest mass-produced hybrid. This push worked for a while, but Honda never truly updated the Insight, or even replaced it outright with a redesigned model.

In the face of its most direct competitor, the Toyota Prius, the Insight never really stood a long term chance. Heck, even Honda's own Civic hybrid was a much better choice, despite its higher price tag. Now, with the Insight’s confirmed death, what does this mean for Honda’s other not so strong selling hybrid, the CR-Z? Nothing official regarding its future has been announced, but we also think it’s on borrowed time.

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