Say Goodbye to the McLaren 12C


What we all knew would happen finally has.

From the moment McLaren revealed the 650S and 650 Spyder in Geneva last month, everyone knew the 12C's days were numbered. Only thing was that McLaren continued to state that production of the latter would continue, for now. Then, it was announced that production would be temporarily halted, but McLaren still claimed there was a market for the 12C in various markets. It was still a hard case to make, considering just how much of an improvement the 650S has proven to be. But today is different.

McLaren has just announced that not only will the 12C be discontinued, but current owners will be offered a free Technology Upgrade program. Starting this June, 12C owners can update their cars with new essentials such as the Active Aero software that allows for the car's existing Airbrake to "sense" different driving scenarios and will deploy to improve stability when lifting off the throttle or cresting a hill. This system also includes a Drag Reduction System mode for improved straight line speed. The upgrade program also features tweaks to the Android-based infotainment system. All 3,500 12Cs (coupe and Spider) sold directly from the factory as well as those who bought one used from a McLaren-certified program are eligible.

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