Say Goodbye to the Mercedes SLS AMG

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The last of the gullwing supercars will have its debut at LA.

We knew this was coming so there's no reason to be totally surprised here. Yet, the fact that Mercedes-Benz will shortly pull the production plug on the glorious SLS AMG gullwing coupe and roadster is still hard to take. A German publication has confirmed that Mercedes will unveil the SLS Final Edition at the LA Auto Show next week. Production itself will end in the middle of next year. Fortunately, the German automaker is currently hard at work developing the SLS AMG's successor, a Porsche 911 Turbo fighter that will reportedly be called the "GT."

The SLS AMG Final Edition will likely feature a slight power boost over the standard model along with a few styling changes to the front and rear, as well as to the interior. More than likely, Mercedes will keep production of this edition fairly low in numbers in order to ensure future value. We're going to miss the SLS AMG. It was and forever will be a shining example of a beautiful grand touring supercar.

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