Say Goodbye To The Nissan Xterra After 2015

One of the last remaining true SUVs will soon be a goner.

We figured this announcement would come sooner or later, but we’re still disappointed to hear it nonetheless. Edmunds is reporting that Nissan will officially drop its Xterra SUV after the 2015 model year. The reason? Aside from a seven percent sales decline last year compared to 2013, Nissan has chosen not to invest in various safety and emissions equipment upgrades that would be required for the Xterra to meet new US market regulations.

The body-on-frame SUV is simply dated and a majority of consumers these days are keener on crossovers with smoother, car-like rides. People also care more about fuel economy and this isn’t really the Xterra’s specialty. According to the EPA, the two-wheel-drive Xterra gets just 16/22 mpg city/highway. The four-wheel-drive version is even worse: 15/20 mpg. Want a brand-new Nissan Xterra? Obviously now’s the time because the 2015 model is currently on sale.

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