Say Goodbye: The Final Rolls-Royce Dawn Has Been Built

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You can no longer get a two-door Rolls with a V12 engine.

The final Rolls-Royce Dawn has been built, marking the end of V12-powered convertibles for the British luxury marque. You may remember that the Dawn was killed off in North America back in 2021, but it still had a few more years left in Europe and other markets. Today, Rolls-Royce confirms the glorious end of its best-selling drophead model with no imminent successor planned. The final Black Badge Black Arrow Wraith coupe was announced in March, meaning the era of two-door V12 Rollers is now officially over. Long live the electric Rolls-Royce Spectre.

When Rolls-Royce first launched the Wraith, it never planned to repurpose it into a convertible. 80% of the Dawn's panels are unique, hence why the two cars were given different nameplates. Some of the Dawn's standout features include a 'wake channel' on the hood that originates from the Spirit of Ecstasy, a back seat that's large enough for adults, and a fabric roof called the 'Silent Ballet' for its quiet and elegant operation.

2016-2021 Rolls Royce Dawn Door Scuff Plate Rolls-Royce

The company even tested the car with a mannequin wearing a long wig. The mannequin was chauffeured for hundreds of hours while sensors and cameras measured how the wind displaced the hair in order to make the Dawn the most comfortable convertible in the world.

Rolls-Royce shared an image of the final five Dawn examples to roll out of the factory in Goodwood. The specifications include a bolt green-on-green, two-tone black and teal, what appears to be a matte black vehicle, and a blue over white interior car. Of the five, the final car is positioned in the front and wears Midnight Sapphire paint with an Arctic White bonnet and a Mandarin coachline.

The company also shared some pictures of the last Dawn delivered in North America, the bespoke Fux Bright Yellow example below with a matching yellow interior, no doubt ordered by famous car collector Michael Fux, who is known for his outrageous color choices.


"Dawn truly reflects the joy of good company, the thrill of adventure and the peace of quiet reflection. Indeed, this motor car is a testament to the modern art of living, recalling 'la dolce vita' spirit in every detail. As production of Dawn draws to a close, we can reflect on an extraordinary chapter in the marque's history. This beautiful motor car perfectly embodies contemporary luxury while celebrating the marque's founding principles and heritage," said Torsten Müller-Otvos, CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Though no replacement is planned, we doubt Rolls-Royce will abandon convertibles forever. Perhaps a drop-top car based on the Spectre will arrive in due course, offering a completely silent roofless experience.

2016-2021 Rolls Royce Dawn Engine CarBuzz
2016-2021 Rolls Royce Dawn Insignia CarBuzz
2016-2021 Rolls Royce Dawn Emblem CarBuzz

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2016-2021 Rolls Royce Dawn Door Scuff Plate

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