Say Goodbye to the Subaru Tribeca

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We doubt few will miss it.

Subaru is currently on a hot streak, selling cars in record numbers. The small Japanese automaker has finally found its place by building somewhat quirky all-wheel drive models that are affordable and very well built. And with one exception, all of its models are flying off dealer lots. That exception is the Tribeca. The three-row crossover was launched back in 2006 and featured a polarizing front-end design. Despite a 2008 refresh that fixed the problem, sales never really took off.


The Tribeca isn't a bad car; there are just better choices out there. So how bad are the sales numbers? Well, in 2012 Subaru sold only 994 Tribecas. As a result, 2014 will be the final model year for the crossover and production will officially end this January. In case you or anyone else you know is anxious to have a three-row Subaru, there's no reason to worry. The automaker is currently at work developing an all-new replacement that will likely be inspired by the Advanced Tourer Concept, a vehicle that will be larger than the Tribeca.

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