Say Goodbye to the Volkswagen Eos

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Volkswagen won't replace the Eos with another hard-top convertible, but a larger cabriolet could be in the works.

When the Volkswagen Eos first hit the market in 2006, it arrived right in the middle of the hard-top convertible craze. But more convertibles are going back to soft tops - which are generally lighter, less expensive and can cover a larger cabin - as the constrictions of a folding metal roof leave buyers wondering if it really does represent the best of both worlds. As a result, Volkswagen will reportedly let the Eos live out the remainder of its days, but not replace it with another hard-top convertible when the time comes for the current model to retire.

The German automaker has in the past couple of years introduced new convertible versions of both the Golf and the Beetle, both of which use folding fabric roofs and make the Eos look rather bloated by comparison. The Eos underwent a facelift late in 2010 to keep it fresh and current with brand identity, giving it another couple of years on the market before it should be phased out. Autocar does report, however, that Volkswagen is considering a larger convertible model, which would likely get a soft top like the Golf and Beetle but a larger cabin to compete with the likes of the Opel/Vauxhall Cascada and Chrysler 200 (sold as the Lancia Flavia in Europe).

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