Say Goodbye To These 17 Cars That Won't Return For 2018

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Some won't be forgotten. Others already are.

About any day now, the first 2018 model year cars, trucks and SUVs will be arriving on dealership lots. This also means that a few vehicles won't be returning because they've been discontinued. It happens every year. So, what are the vehicles that will soon no longer be with us? We've done some digging around and have come up with a list of17 cars, SUVs and even a minivan that have reached the end of the line. We must remember that not all of them are bad, it's just that they're outdated and/or no longer appeal to a majority of buyers.

They've become liabilities for automakers and they want them gone. Fortunately, the ones remaining on dealer lots probably have pretty good price tags right now thanks to factory incentives and other discounts. If we've somehow forgotten any vehicles, please let us know in the comments, but we think this list is pretty complete. So, without further ado, here they are. Some we'll miss, others we won't, but all are finished.

BMW Z4 - Yes, this generation is a goner, but very soon its replacement will arrive, and from what we've learned it'll stick with the Z4 nameplate.

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Buick Verano - Let's face it: small sedans are out of style, despite the fact that the Verano was one of the best in its segment.

Chevrolet SS - Well, it was nice while it lasted (again). The era of the full-size, RWD, V8-powered Chevy sedan has come and gone, permanently this time.

Chrysler 200 - It was a nice try but it still failed to keep up with the likes of the Ford Fusion in a crowded segment. And, for the record, the 200 was, at its core, a stretched version of the Dodge Dart, which was killed off last year at this time.


Dodge Viper - Yeah, this one is a real loss. We're heartbroken. And no, it won't make a comeback again in a few years' time. Even the famed Viper production plant is being shuttered.

Hyundai Accent Hatchback - Hyundai actually made this car? Few noticed, hence its current status. Remember, Americans are not fans of hatchbacks, or rather European style hatchbacks. American hatchbacks are car-based crossovers, and Hyundai has plenty of those.


Hyundai Azera - The Toyota Avalon's most serious competitor to date has been sacrificed in favor of the new Genesis luxury brand. The Azera, at least this generation, never really found an audience, although it is a very nice car. Big sedans are not selling well these days and, perhaps, we could be seeing the Chevrolet Impala on this list in the next year or two.

Infiniti QX70 - Once formerly called the FX, the QX70 was one of the best crossovers for enthusiast drivers. It offered V6 power, plenty of luxury, and a fun-to-drive chassis. Expensive? Yes, but there were plenty of buyers at one point. We'll miss it.


Jeep Patriot - Good riddance.


Lexus CT 200h - See Jeep Patriot.

And here are the final seven: Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric DriveMitsubishi i-MiEV Mitsubishi Lancer Nissan Quest Smart ForTwo (gasoline model only) Volkswagen CC Volkswagen Touareg

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