Say Happy 25th Birthday To The Most Popular Audi In History


Ingolstadt started producing the A4 in 1994, and hasn't looked back since.

With over a third of a million of them sold around the world just last year, it may seem hard to imagine a time when Audi wasn't making the A4. But there was such a time, and it was over a quarter of a century ago.

That's when the German automaker started making the first-generation A4, replacing the old 80 series and instantly becoming the company's top seller. During its debut year in 1994, Audi sold over 272,000 A4s. And in the 25 years since, it's made 7.5 million of them across five generations of the model.


That not only makes the A4 Audi's most successful model line of all time, but its reigning top seller as well – both on a global basis and here in the United States. The trend holds in Germany too, where one in five new Audis delivered comes from the A4 family. By this point, the range includes a sedan, Avant wagon, the rugged Allroad wagon, and S4 and RS4 performance models – even after the cabriolet version (once sold as an A4) was separated together with the coupe and Sportback versions under the A5 line (with its own S5 and RS5 variants).


"For a quarter of a century now, the Audi A4 has symbolized the Four Rings like no other model. It stands for cutting-edge technology in the premium mid-range, as well as for innovative production technologies at the highest level," said Ingolstadt plant director Albert Mayer. "The Audi A4 is a key pillar of the Ingolstadt plant in particular. Our employees' tireless commitment and passion for our brand have been and continues to be the driving force behind the impressive success story of the A4." These days Audi also produces the A4 at the Neckarsulm plant (also in Germany), in Changchun, China, and in Aurangabad, India.

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