Say Hello To The Fully Electric 2022 Ford Mustang

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The Mach-E has been transformed into a more traditional two-door coupe.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E was always going to be controversial. Ford knew that applying the hallowed Mustang name to a high-riding, four-door electric crossover would upset fans of the legendary muscle car and didn't take the decision lightly, but claims its performance and styling is worthy of the Mustang name. Some fans still disagree, however - there's even an online petition to change the Mach-E's name.

YouTube artist Marouane Bembli, aka The Sketch Monkey, has a lot of issues with the Mach-E's design and has already digitally tweaked the SUV's rear to make it look more like a traditional Mustang. Now, he's attempted to fix the front end with some visual tweaks.

The Sketch Monkey / YouTube
The Sketch Monkey / YouTube

One of the artist's main gripes with the Mach-E's design is that the front looks too soft and overstyled. To rectify this, he sharpened up the fenders to make them look more sculpted and match the current-generation Mustang's bulging fenders.

The Sketch Monkey also feels that the grille looks too undefined. To fix this, the artist simplified the grille design by replacing the curves with straight edges, which makes the grille look more distinct and more suitable for a Mustang. In addition, the artist added more horizontal lines to the front end and lowered the headlights to position them more in line with the grille. The resulting design looks a lot cleaner and meaner.

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As well as redesigning the front end, The Sketch Monkey also changed the entire body shape, transforming the Mach-E from a four-door crossover to a two-door coupe muscle car, as well as making the Mach-E lower and wider. As a finishing touch, the artist also added seven-spoke wheels from the Shelby GT350R. As well as fixing some of the Mach-E's design flaws, the resulting design also represents the artist's vision what a fully electric next-generation 2022 Ford Mustang could look like. Do you think The Sketch Monkey has improved the design of the Mustang Mach-E?

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