Say Hello to the Iranian Caterpillar Your Grandchildren Will Be Driving

Iranian designer envisions replacing cars with futuristic solar-powered multipedes. We run in terror.

In Mohammad Ghezel's vision of the future, humans will inhabit mega-cities and utilize safe, eco-friendly, solar-powered magnetic cars to travel from one place to another. The Iraian designer's latest project involves two designs under the label "BioThink" that incorporates those ideas in a geometrid form. The BioThink Type A utilizes "rotary-crawling wheels" which look more like a novel take on a caterpillar's mandibles. They employ solar-powered magnets to run without ever having to refuel.

Ghezel's Type B utilizes the same basic design, however gyroscopic wheels replace the creepy-crawler legs of the Type A. In addition to the BioThink model's futuristic drivetrains, they both envision (theoretically) utilizing technologies such as a "holographic crystal system" as a form of infotainment system with an exorbitant amount of storage space, a DNA Security Key to make sure you really are the owner of the car and more. The Iranian caterpillar cars seem to both fit the bill of safety and eco-friendliness, so long as they don't involve any form of Human Centipede.

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