Say Hello To The McLaren Senna GTR: The Ultimate Track Weapon


Only 75 of the track-only cars will be built, each priced at $1.4 million.

After selling all 500 of its road-going Sennas before they even hit the streets, McLaren revealed a track-only version in Geneva that generates, quite literally, a metric ton of downforce. The Senna GTR—the third of the GTR breed—is a 75-unit limited run the British supercar manufacturer claims is the fastest McLaren ever built outside of Formula One. With a name like that, it ought to be, though McLaren didn't announce whether it would campaign the car as it did the F1 GTR.

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Each and every Senna GTR will be hand built at McLaren's headquarters in Woking based on the same Monocage III structure as the road-going Senna. It will also get its power from the same 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine as the road car, though McLaren has cranked up the wick to give the GTR over 813 horsepower. The automaker didn't give specific engine and output details beyond that, but it looks like engine output won't best the 1,000-hp P1 GTR. Pirelli slicks ensure the race car is as sticky as it needs to be to hang it all out in the corners and when the 2,641-pound Senna GTR is developing all the downforce it can muster, it nearly doubles its "weight" for ultimate track performance.

Should something go wrong at a competition event and the Senna GTR's body panels be damaged, they can be easily replaced as they're all clipped on with simple fasteners. Those panels also make the Senna GTR wider and longer than the road car to better hide its wider track while its enormous front splitter is big enough to seat a dinner for four. Those with the means to inquire about this rare track-day toy will be asked to fork over about $1.4 million to own one. All 75 examples will be built in 2019. If there was one way to honor the Senna name, this is it. Good on you, McLaren.