Say It Ain’t So! Fox Marketing’s Lexus SEMA Cars Destroyed

Fox Marketing has destroyed a pair of custom jobs from the SEMA Show.

An atrocity has occurred in Las Vegas, Nevada. Fox Marketing's pair of specially-prepared Lexus models from years' past SEMA Shows have been destroyed in the cruelest of fashion. The reason for this injustice came, of course, through the legal system, as since they are show cars they can't be legally sold or used. Fox has stripped the Lexus IS-F and IS350C of as many goods as they could, such as wheels, gear, etc. however their engines were left to be crushed with the rest of the cars.

It seems like such a waste, as the body kits, exotic paint, suspensions, brakes, et al. are going into the crusher for a life sentence as a cube. Apparently the law sometimes circumvents common sense.

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