Say It Isn't So: SRT Hellcats And HEMIs Will Go Extinct After 2019

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We can't say that we're surprised.

When Dodge announced the Charger SRT Hellcat and Challenger SRT Hellcat, every automotive enthusiast in the US applauded. No other automaker in the country has enough guts to offer two muscle cars both powered by a supercharged 6.2-liter HEMI V8 making 707 hp to the public at an affordable price. No other car on the market today encompasses the American motoring spirit like these two vehicles and now Motor Authority is reporting that the SRT lineup will ditch all HEMI V8s after the 2019 model year.


Motor Authority spotted a post from an insider on JeepTrackhawkForums saying SRT will look towards twin-turbocharged fours or twin-turbocharged sixes to power its vehicles. That would mean the end of traditional muscle cars from one of the boldest automakers out there and perhaps even the end of V8s from the US. Should enthusiasts be worried about this news? Hell yes and no. This essentially means that automakers can no longer justify engineering enormous, powerful engines with fuel requirements getting stricter. The upside of this is that we've seen twin-turbocharged engines produce more than 600 hp with ease, so power will be down, but not by much.

While this news is probably true, we know a lot of things can change over time, so take it with a pinch of salt. If the Hellcat twins do end up getting axed, then the recent price hike would be greatly justified. If this news is true, then the SRT Charger and Challenger are sure to become instant collectors items. If you've been looking to get into a muscle car with a glorious and powerful V8, the SRT Hellcats may be your last chance. Pardon us while we give what may be America's last muscle cars a moment of silence.

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