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Say What?! Lamborghini Huracan Quicker than the Aventador?


0-60 mph clocked in 2.5 seconds!

The reviews are trickling in, and the latest to get behind the wheel of the Lamborghini Huracan is Car and Driver. Unsurprisingly, the V10-powered wedge receives a glowing report – it’s certainly worth a read – but amongst the superlatives is a tidbit of information that piqued our interest. CD claims the Huracan races from zero to 60 mph quicker than the daddy of Sant’Agata, the Aventador. The time? A blistering 2.5 seconds.

That bests the carmaker’s estimated 0-62 mph time for the Aventador of 2.9 seconds as well as the magazine’s last test time of 3.0 seconds. Lamborghini claims the Huracan completes the century sprint in 3.2 seconds, so CD must have set that phenomenal time in absolutely perfect conditions. More likely, whoever was on stopwatch duty didn’t do their job properly.

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