Say What You Will About The Engine, But The New 718 Boxster Looks Good

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Here's a close-up look at the sports car.

It may have a new name and a new engine, but the Porsche 718 Boxster promises to be just as fun as the open-top sports car that came before it. While Porsche fanatics may be upset with the automaker's decision to go from a naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine to a turbocharged four-cylinder, it makes sense as the Boxster will be more powerful. If, however, you can't get over the 718 Boxster's new engine, the automaker has also given the sports car a facelift and it looks pretty darn good.

Before its live debut at the Geneva Motor Show, Porsche is giving us a close-up look at the new convertible. It may not sound as good, but it definitely looks better.

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