Sbarro Bringing ReactEV to Geneva

Hybrid sports-racer being prepared by students in Montbeliard, France, to be unveiled in Geneva and raced in Monte Carlo.

Just yesterday we brought you more renderings of the Alfa Romeo Gloria concept which the students at the IED in Turin will be bringing to the Geneva Motor Show this year. But the IED isn’t the only design school in Europe. Veteran concept designer Franco Sbarro runs as school in Montbeliard, France, and every year his students design a new concept for the show. This year’s is called the ReactEV, a hybrid sportscar that is being prepared for an electric race in Monte Carlo later in March.

While the design work – previewed here in various stages of completion – is carried out by the Espera Sbarro students, the powertrain is being developed in conjunction with the University of Technology in Belfort Montbeliard. It reportedly pairs a 210-horsepower V6 from PSA Peugeot-Citroen with a pair of electric motors. We’ll be looking forward to seeing the finished product in Geneva, and to watching it compete in Monaco a few weeks later.

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